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What We Do?

We work in partnership with micro-finance institutions to provide loans with the appropriate monthly interest rate to the people whilst they are obligated to pay around 25 USD per month back to the loan providers. We see that people is capable and happy to pay the money back to the micro-finance institutions.

The way we promote and encourage people to build latrines is by conducting village general meeting. Our Community development facilitators (CDF) set up the village with the village chief 1 or 2 days before the group presentation starts.

  • Project Dissemination

Commune workshopActivity 1: Commune workshop

The commune workshop is held to disseminate the goal and the activities of the project, and create chance for land authorities to meet and discuss  and express their idea on how to promote health, sanitation and hygiene for their community people. The participation from the authorities will push the uptakes of the finished modern toilets. And this is the activity to empower the community leaders to strengthen their community.


Activity 2: Group presentation

20151105_144049The group presentation is held to meet up with the villagers and the village committees so everyone in  the meeting can discuss about health, sanitation and hygiene. From the group presentation, each individual can share their idea over the benefits of owning a toilet, and the difficulties, and the risks of the open defecation. Group presentation is the turning point to change the behaviors of the community people. Normally, 30% of the participants in the presentation decided to build the finish toilet, while the others hesitate and wait to discuss with the family members. However, either the toilet built deciders or the non-toilet built deciders understand the risks of not owning a toilet, and will build a toilet soon in the future.

  • Create possibility

Activity 3: Meeting with MFI Partners

Meeting with SAMICWe meet once a month with our MFI partners at the provincial level to overcome any challenges and to build the relationship. RLDO believes that micro-finance institutions play very important roles in health sector. Through RLDO in one year, the people can build more than 1,000 toilets by using loans from MFIs, and this number will increase very fast when there is a proper promotion of relevant partners.


  • Construction Service and material supplies

Activity 4: Toilet builder Training

Constructors TrainingRLDO provides the construction service by hiring local laborers. Each construction group has a leader who works closely with RLDO staff. Before the start of the construction works, every member of each construction group are called for at least a training to understand model and the standard of the toilet of the organization. RLDO manages either the construction works or laborers and the construction materials. And we have more than 3 years of experience over this sector.

Each group of the construction workers has 3-4 people, and they can finish a construction of 1 toilet or bathroom in 3-4 days.


Activity 5: QC inspection

20151104_132629The construction contract is made for every toilet between RLDO and the head of the construction workers. After the training on the toilet model, the quality controller inspects every work of the construction since the beginning until the toilet construction is complete, and agreed to sign to get the toilet by the toilet owners. And every toilet building is guaranteed for 6 months in term of quality.