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RLDO started its manufacture of the Angkor ceramic water filter in July, 2016 with the capacity of the production around 2,000 sets in a month, and this capacity can enlarge based on the demands. Until now, RLDO has distributed approximately 6,000 ceramic water filters through out Cambodia and internationally.

Angkor Ceramic Water Filters are locally produced by mixing clay with finely ground combustible materials in a specially designed press. When the clay is fired, the combustibles burn away, leaving small pores in the filter that are less than 0.2μm wide. A silver compound is painted onto the filter in order to increase effectiveness.

To increase the uptake and the acceptance of ceramic water filters in Cambodia, RLDO has at the moment designed 2 shape models of Angkor ceramic water filter and named them after the Angkor Temple.

Assembled picture of Angkor Toch Ceramic Water Filter and Angkor Thom Ceramic Water Filter

Angkor Ceramic water filters provide affordable high quality drinking water, at a household or classroom level, for communities who are otherwise without access to safe drinking water. The Angkor Ceramic water filters are suitable for treating the most common risk to drinking water quality – contamination with biological pathogens – as well as for removing general macro contaminants such as dirt and plant matter. They are not suitable for treating water whose primary health risk is chemical – such as arsenic.  They suit households, workplaces, and classrooms. With a proper use and care, an Angkor Ceramic Water Filter can last for 4-5 years.

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