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Our Vision

Our Vision

The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced to eradicate the open and free defecation by 2025 for its population in the country. In Cambodia, there still have 60% (or 1,897,936 households) of the total populations in the rural area that have not access to the toilet (http://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/latrine-numbers). And they have been facing seriously to the unpredictable risks due to the open defecation, at night and in the forest, and live uncomfortably among the family members.

By 2014, there have 6.3 million Cambodian people living without safe drinking water. Some 3.9 million of those without access to safe drinking water in Cambodia are poor and live in rural areas. Without safe water and adequate sanitation and hygiene, children (41 per cent of the population) are especially vulnerable to water-borne diseases (http://www.unicef.org/cambodia/12681_22270.html).

Rural Lives Development Organization (RLDO) is set up to contribute to the Royal Government of Cambodia to improve the rural health and sanitation with the specific vision of “The Cambodian country where each and every household lives in a clean and pure environment, and have access to improved sanitation, healthy food and water”.